About Us Who We Are

The Company opened its doors to business on 1 June 2009 bringing together in the process well known personalities with requisite expertise in the paint industry. The company brought at its formation professionals in technical, marketing and managerial experience spanning over many years.

We offer to the market a wide range of paints and,paint application services ,supporting and related products. Our structure, membership and size, at and after inception, reflect the desire to be the preferred, leading and reliable manufacturer of high quality paint products and painting services, cost effectively, efficiently and at very competitive prices.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred and endorsed manufacturer of a wide range of paint brands that rank among the best three in the local market with significant presence in the SADC region.

Our Mission

Kingdom Paints is committed to adding value to our customers properties by provision of appropriate quality durable paint products which are competitively priced, accompanied by an efficient service delivery system.


Providing outstanding products, and services that together deliver premium value to our stakeholders To us quality is never an accident but the result of planning, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence